Grim in phase 1.

Grim Matchstick is one of the bosses of Cuphead, and is a dragon. He appears in the episode "Fiery Frolic" and appears in Inkwell Isle II.

Appearance Edit

Grim is a large green dragon with spikes down his back and short wings. He has a long snout and big, pointy ears and bulging eyes.

In Battle Edit

Phase 1 Edit

In Phase 1, Grim will attack you by sending yellow rings out of his eyes. He will also attack by sending out fireballs that will move up and down the screen, and he will occasionally wiggle his tail and then quickly shoot it upwards. (Note: It is also important to mention this level is set in the air; however, you do not have your aeroplane and you must platform across clouds.) To defeat him in this phase, you must platform up and down the clouds to avoid the attacks while you shoot him.

Phase 2 Edit

In Phase 2, Grim will fly to the bottom corner of the screen and open his mouth, and a brigade of flames will march across his tongue. The baby flames will propel themselves into the air and attempt to hit you. To defeat him in this phase, you must stand on the lowest two platforms and shoot at him. Be sure not to get burned by his flaming nostrils.

Phase 3 Edit

In Phase 3, Grim will start a thunderstorm and turn into a giant hydra. Each of the three heads will breath fireballs at you. Don't shoot them, or else they will explode into more fire to avoid. When the central head opens its mouth wide, you must jump to the top or bottom row of clouds, as the central head will turn into a flamethrower and shoot out fire twice. This process will repeat until you achieve a knockout.