Dr Kahl's Robot is one of the bosses of Cuphead, and is a giant robot controlled by a mad scientist. He appears in the episode "Junkyard Jive" and appears in Inkwell Isle III.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Kahl's Robot is a giant iron robot. Its head opens so its controller can climb in and use it. It has a metal band between its forehead and its face with LEDs lining it. It has big, glowing yellow eyes and a flippy metal jaw. It has broad shoulders screwed on with giant bolts. It has floppy metal arms and a broad iron chest. He has a hole in his chest and a missile silo in his low torso.

Dr. Kahl himself is a mad scientist with purple hair wearing a lab coat. He also has goggles on. He has a curly mustache and beard and hair that sticks out on either side of his head.