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Welcome to the Cuphead Wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to the recently release indie run-and-gun game. All of the animations and sprites are drawn traditionally and by hand, and all the backgrounds are painted with watercolor, all in 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoon style. The game was originally announced at E3 in 2014, to a positive reception. The game was finally released on September 29, 2017, and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

In the game, you play as Cuphead (or Mugman, depending on if you're playing the multiplayer campaign), who live on Inkwell Isle. One day, the two went out exploring and stumble upon Devil's Casino. They got a lucky streak at the Craps table when the casino's owner approached them - who so happens to be Satan himself. He offered them a deal: if they won one more roll, then they got all of the money in the casino. However, if they lost, Satan would take their souls. Without thinking, Cuphead rolled the dice, only to get snake eyes. Cuphead and Mugman pleaded for their lives, and Satan offered them up another deal: if they could collect the soul contracts of his debtors, then he would spare them. They took the deal, and ran off to start gathering souls.

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