Cala Maria is one of the bosses of Cuphead, and is a giant mermaid. She appears in the episode "High Sea Hi-Jinx" and appears in Inkwell Isle III.

Appearnace Edit

Cala is a mermaid with pale skin and a slender frame. She has thick hips and a teal tail and bra. She does not actually have hair; it is actually a purple squid that latches itself to her hair when she rises above water in the beginning of her battle.

In Battle Edit

Phase 1 Edit

In Phase 1, Cala will attack you by pitting various sea creatures against you. She can summon a turtle in a bowler hat that will shoot bombs that explode into smaller bullets at you, a seahorse that squirts water that pushes you up, pufferfish that you have to dodge. She can also dive underwater and pick up a red or yellow fish. If she gets the red fish, then it will spit projectiles at the player. If she gets the yellow fish, then it will spit out an electrified dolphin that will chase you around. She can also spit ghost pirates at you. To defeat her in this phase, simply constantly shoot at her.

Phase 2 Edit

At the end of Phase 1, two eels will come out of the water and bite her, shocking her. She'll then be surrounded by gray eels and her squid-hair's tentacles will become eels, effectively making her resemble Medusa. In this phase, she herself only has one attack. Her eyes will pop out of her head and create a glowing green beam which turns the player(s) to stone. They can escape this by moving back and forth rapidly. The eels will also send shockwaves of electricity out of their eyes. To defeat her in this phase, simply constantly shoot at her.

Phase 3 Edit

At the end of Phase 2, the eels will sink back underwater and Cala's head will retreat into a cave. In this phase, you must avoid the plants growing on the top and bottom of the cave, and you must dodge spinning, spiked cylinders in the path of the cave. She will also spit poison bubbles at you, and she will send green shockwaves that turn you to stone out of her eyes. To defeat her, simply constantly shoot at her.