Baroness Von Bon Bon is one of the bosses of Cuphead, and is a baroness ruling over a kingdom of candy. She appears in the episode "Sugarland Shimmy" and appears in Inkwell Isle II.

Appearance Edit

Baroness Von Bon Bon wears a dress of red frosting and has a candy cane blouse. She wears red gloves and holds a candy cane scepter. She has light pink skin, and has curly reddish-brown hair, and sports a waffle cone hennin with whipped cream coming out of its tip.

In Battle Edit

Phases 1-4 Edit

In Phases 1-4, Baroness Von Bon Bon will pit random minibosses against you. These include:

  • Waffle. The Baroness will send out a flying waffle. Occasionally, its individual squares will pop out and boomerang back in. You must avoid them by jumping or running into a corner. Upon death, the squares will explode outward entirely. Shoot at its mouth to defeat it.
  • Gobstopper. She will send out a large gobstopper that will follow you around, who is followed by a little glue gumball. You can simply shoot at it to defeat it.
  • Cupcake. She will send out a large cupcake that bounces around the level, sending out frosting shockwaves when it lands. You can shoot it when it's on the ground by ducking and shooting to defeat it.
  • Gumball Machine. She will send out a gumball machine that shoots gumballs out from its lid. You can simply shoot at it to defeat it.
  • Candy Corn. She will send out a candy corn that circles around the level in figure-eight patterns. You can shoot it at an angle, straight up, or horizontally to defeat it.

In the second phase she will also start to send out jelly bean warriors, and at random points in battle she will rise from the castle walls and shoot candy powder at you with a candy cane rifle.

Phase 5 Edit

In Phase 5, the Baroness herself will emerge from the castle walls. She will command the castle to mush, and the castle will begin to chase you. In this phase she will also throw her head at you, and peppermint rolls will roll out of the castle gate. To defeat her, jump onto the candy platform and shoot her. (Note: You have to shoot the Baroness herself! You cannot just shoot the castle.) After doing this for awhile, you will achieve a knockout.